Summer Beauty Prep Time

summer beauty

Streamline your tan and protect your hair this summer.

Now that Memorial Day has passed and marked the start of the early summer season, we gathered helpful summer beauty routines and featured them on the Asher Marie Collection blog. From affordable mobile tanning options that can cater to parties in your home, to deep conditioning hair treatments that minimize sun, salt, and chlorine damage – we covered all the necessary basics. Check out Summer Beauty Prep to read about them all.

Bronzers and Self-Tanning


Take advantage of self-tanning before you hit the beach.

The spring weather is officially here and tanning may seem more like a sport than beauty activity. As we prepare to unveil the results of our New Year’s resolutions and sexy summertime bikinis, we can’t help but consider our complexion. Let’s take a look at a few bronzers and self-tanning options you may want to start now to prepare properly for summer.

First, what is a bronzer?

Bronzer is a powder or liquid that is normally just used as a base for facial makeup. While changing out your products for the season, adding a bronzer into your spring makeup can help build a sun-kissed glow.

Now, what is the difference between gradual self-tanners and traditional self-tanners?

Gradual self-tanners, like their name, add color over time. You may apply a gradual tanner every day for a week or two in order to achieve the healthy color desired. Once a shade is achieved, gradual tans can last for a week to ten days between applications. Self-tanners, on the other hand, work significantly faster. Since they work quickly, these self-tanners are typically condensed and provide a medium-to-full tan. These are applied and left on the skin where they continue to develop over a few hours. Self-tanners may last for a week or two depending upon your showering frequency or work out regimen.


Exfoliate before applying self-tanners to increase longevity.

A tip from the beauty professionals: Exfoliate before applying any kind of self-tanners as it will help stretch the length of your application.

Taking control of your own tanning doesn’t need to be seasonal! You can have a tan year-round. This helps to eliminate a dramatic change in your appearance, keeps a healthy glow in the off-season, and allows you to be ‘strapless dress-ready’ for a special occasion.

Safe Tanning

Tanning products can be used in conjunction with sunblock, so not only will you look like you have a suntan—you can still protect yourself from harmful UV rays and prevent an over-tanned look. Plus, tanning beds cause serious damage. In 2013, tanning beds and lamps were added to the list of the most dangerous forms of cancer-causing radiation by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Getting a bronzed look safely with self-tanners and without tanning beds prevents exposure to dangerous radiation.

Mobile Tanning Businesses

Don’t feel like applying the self-tanners or don’t have time to visit a tanning solon? Mobile tanning services are all over the country. Here in Raleigh, glo mobile spray tanning comes to your home or workplace and brings all the equipment and products necessary for a tanning application. Plus, they can create a formula specific to your skin tone. How does glo do it? Their solution is applied through an air-compressed spray system. Glo controls the application to achieve a consistent shade that lasts for up to a week.

What’s your favorite tanning method?