Try Something New: Spring 2014 Makeup Trends

spring makeup

Time for dewy spring makeup!

The time required for parenting and entertaining often cuts into personal “me” time. (Remember my Stay at Home (not) Sloppy Mom post?) Instead of feeling lost if you miss the latest styles, here are a few quick spring makeup trends to dress up your existing warm-weather wardrobe. Fortunately, the great trends this season can be done in a pinch and require little effort!

Dewy Foundation

The “dewy” look for foundation is expected to continue its reign over the previous matte finish look. Some people shy away from trying this because they think it will make them appear shiny or oily, but that’s not the case if done right. With a velvety or liquid foundation you’ll be able to achieve a fresh look that makes you glow. Dab a small amount of product on the desired areas with your finger first, then work the product in using a beauty sponge or stippling brush. Press the makeup into your skin, rather than buffing it, to avoid streaks. Keep the amount of foundation powder you use at slim-to-none. Opt for a cream blush and cheek highlighter instead of pressed powder. Secure the look with a finishing spray that will keep your makeup looking flawless for hours.

If you are married to your powder mineral foundation, a good way to still achieve the “dewy” look is to apply face moisturizer first. Then, before fully dry, apply a light coat of your favorite mineral makeup with your favorite loose bristled brush. It can be blended more with clean fingers around problem spots or areas needing fuller coverage.

Dark Blues & Bright Whites

For a clean and modern look for your nails: Bright white, cobalt and indigo hues of blue are especially popular this season. As far as shaping your nails, Elle suggests keeping your nail beds’ curves natural, strictly defined round or square tips are on their way out – which is fine by me! I’m all for anything that saves me time on my beauty routine!

blue eye shadow

Emphasize your eyes.

If you want to give your eyes a pop of color, these shades are also trending for eye makeup. Apply a thin accent color with an eyeliner pencil, or go for a bold full-blended lid using matte powder, such as Revlon’s ColorStay ShadowLinks. To make eyes pop I recommend Cargo Mascara’s Better Than Waterproof. It’s around $20, stays on all day (even with the sweat and mommy grease), and you don’t need to use eye makeup remover to get it off at night. It is one of the best daily mascaras I have used.

Neon Orange Lips

This one might be a bit extreme for me, but neon orange lips have been seen on red carpets and runways all over lately. (We covered this in our Spring Fashion Trends post!) The best thing about this look is that it complements most skin tones. If you decide to give this style a try, I recommend keeping the rest of your makeup modest, and basic. If the “neon” part still scares you, try an orange or coral tinted gloss. Stila has a few great options.

Red-Violet Lips

Many spring styles lean towards lighter shades, but there are some exceptions. Along with bright orange, this spring we have also seen a spike in dark ruby colored lips with purple undertones or neon violet. While I probably wouldn’t recommend it for an everyday look, it may be perfect for a date night or girl’s night out.

spring makeup trends

Friend Gabby and my sister Rachel.

Even though you may think some of these styles might be outside of your comfort zone, you’ll never know how good they can look until you give them a try. Take a chance, and break out of your makeup rut – it may be worth it and add a little spring to your step!

Sometimes The Best Sundays are Simply Unplanned

Despite the yellow tinged skyline, outdoor furniture, sidewalks, streets and cars, we decided to brave the elements this weekend and venture out into the wild world of Pine Pollen!

After enjoying our Sunday (almost) routine egg and avocado breakfast, of all things we could have done inside or under cover, we decided to take the top off of our 1997 Jeep Wrangler and just drive…baby in tow. Thank goodness none of us suffer from allergies, but even so, we couldn’t help but sniffle a bit through the thick of it.  One word about sums it up: Dense! I swear this stuff gets worse, year after year. I think (actually, I’m 110% positive), I’m looking forward to rain this week!  In fact, if it rains for 48 hours straight, I will be grateful and probably save a couple hundred bucks in delaying pressure washing my patios, porches, walk ways and everything in between.

Ride in the Jeep

So off to the ‘country’ we went with no agenda.  A diaper bag, handy wipes, sunglasses, camera, water and a snack for A.  I even left my phone at home…while not intentional, it probably added to my overall enjoyment.  The extended break from checking Email, Twitter, FB, Texts and Instagram was both disturbingly odd and immensely gratifying.  I was able to sit back and just live in the moment, windblown and all.  The best part…the silence!  No distractions except passing traffic and the occasional dog barking or cow mooing in the distance.  A, who doesn’t typically enjoy extended car rides without an intended purpose, was mostly content.  Taking in the effortless white noise and constant breeze was probably therapeutic for him.

Jeep Fun

After a bit, we landed at a county park and campground.  We enjoyed some time exploring the trails and eventually, found the waters edge.  Jake mentioned it reminded him of his time growing up in rural Wisconsin…deep in nature, bugs chirping, birds flying and the faint smell of campfires in the distance.  It brought me back to my early years…summers by the lake, bonfires, fireflies and life much simpler.  I can’t tell you how many years its been since I’ve had such a simple, yet perfect moment.  At Peace.

Woods Baby

On the way home, we couldn’t help but stop by the side of the road so A could see “Tec.”  A farmer was selling a tractor that looked just like A’s favorite TV character…actually, the only TV character he recognizes.  But, don’t all two year old boys love tractors anyways? A couldn’t believe Daddy was willing to stop and let him say “Hi.”  Daddy scored big brownie points and probably made A’s whole month!  Thanks honey, for always taking the extra little step that make things memorable!

Daddy and A

There you have it…Simple and Sweet.  To my two favorite guys on the planet, thanks for a great day and completely unplanned weekend. Here’s to more like those!

xoxo, Mommy