Trips With Yacht Rentals

yacht rental vacations

Make your next trip on the open water.

We added a new luxury travel post on the Asher Marie Collection blog. This is our first post on travel for Asher Marie. As the pieces are designed for resort wear – we thought a post outlining basic options for renting a yacht would fit well. Since we have strong personal ties in Florida we focused the post on the various port options on and off the coast of The Sunshine State. Bon voyage!

Photo Shoot Collaboration

asher marie spring fashion

Models wearing items from Asher Marie Collection’s inaugural line. Who designed the clutches? Who took the photographs? We collaborated with great vendors.

Curious how to maximize your efforts and time when planning a fashion photo shoot? Here is the story behind how the Asher Marie Collection connected with vendors for our photo shoot launch: Best Ways to Collaborate for a Photo Shoot.

Check Out The Asher Marie Collection Website!

The delays between our posts have been for good reasons. The website for our fashion line the Asher Marie Collection is now live and quite active! What can you find there?

  • On our home page you can Sign Up to receive complimentary shipping on your first order. Scroll to the bottom of the home page for the form.
  • We have an ‘Inspiration‘ tab to show you the elements and places that have contributed to our style. Resorts, exotic destinations, beaches, and a sense of adventure coalesce in Asher Marie patterns and silhouettes.
  • Asher Marie is getting social! With our latest ‘Social Media‘ tab, you will be able to follow our most recent Pins, Tweets and Facebook posts.
  • Pre-orders are open, so hop over and reserve your favorite pieces before they become available to the public.

As an emerging designer, simultaneously while building Asher Marie from scratch, I have been targeting fashion shows, developing our samples, planning our photo shoot and launch party (both were thankfully super successful on March 13th) and getting materials together for our initial Look Book, which will also be available on our site very soon.

We are also tentatively planning to attend fashion shows in Charlotte, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Nevada, Miami and Tampa, Florida, and possibly Atlanta, Georgia. While we navigate the process for fashion show protocol we will be sharing inside details. Curious about fashion marketing? You’re lucky you subscribe to Her Heel Flops, and if you have not already – please click ‘follow’ on the right side to make sure you receive each new post as it comes.

We recently revealed a few pieces from the Asher Marie Collection’s inaugural fashion line. Today we are including another print as a sneak peek into Asher Marie Spring/Summer 2015:

emerging fashion designer

Launching a Fashion Line: Sample Production Process

Asher Marie fashionThe Her Heel Flops team wishes you a very belated Happy New Year and would like to explain the delays between posts. As revealed last fall, I’m starting a fashion line and subsequently, have been in the thick of scheduling photo shoots, planning a launch party (March 13th!), and finalizing all the last details for the Asher Marie Collection.

If launching a fashion line wasn’t exciting enough, we thought you may be interested in the nuts-and-bolts process should you be interested in following our fashionable footsteps.

Asher Marie Fashion

One of our pieces from Asher Marie’s inaugural collection. Read on to learn how it came to be.

How does a fashion line start? Beyond the initial creativity and sketches and years of perfectly organized card-catalogued tear sheets and mood boards, the sample production process is your big first move. It involves several steps. Do you find yourself doodling dress designs and outfits when waiting on hold? Do you have every fashion app on your phone? Did you follow #NYFW? Then the first step is right up your fashion runway:

  1. Sketch and concept. Gather your fashion sketches in one place. You may have dozens of ideas. For your inaugural line, choose 6-10 concepts or sketches. Consult with an established designer or stylist to get a real-world perspective.
  2. Tech designers. Technical designers in the fashion industry will take your sketches and translate them into workable designs to help create patterns. Tech designers work down to the finest details: The size and placement of enclosures, patterns of embellishments, and more. Manufacturing fashion is not possible without the proper design.
  3. Pattern maker. Now your proper designs make their way to patterns. Patterns are one dimensional cut outs of your concepts.
  4. Cut pattern. The patterns are then cut. Contemporary pattern cutting is highly accurate. If you have a great tech designer, today’s digital technologies let your designs come to life exactly how you envisioned them.
  5. Sew samples. Samples are then constructed from the pattern.
  6. Fitting. Then it is time to hire models and schedule the first fitting. The Asher Marie team worked remotely via videoconferencing from Los Angeles. It’s important to involve as many people as possible in the fitting experience to be sure all-important modifications and fit notes are conveyed. For example, the designer may be able to articulate their vision for the garment while the technical designer may work with the sample maker to ensure technical accuracy during the fitting. (Of course, be ready for technical difficulties. I managed to keep a virtual fitting going when one of our team member’s Skype connection cut out by using my smartphone and tapping them in through a regular call.)
  7. Repeat. Fashion is a tremendously collaborative experience and requires great patience. Sometimes the technical, pattern, sample and fitting process occurs two or three times before an actual garment is produced the way it was initially envisioned.
Asher Marie Collection

Another one of Asher Marie’s samples…You’ll have to wait to see the finished product!

More news soon about our upcoming photo shoot and very exciting launch party!

3 Surprises When Starting Your Own Fashion Line: My First Experience

fashion design

Here is what I’m learning as I launch my first fashion line!

How does one start their own clothing line? The first step is deciding to do it…and to be 100% committed to your vision. At least, that is how my current experience started. With my background in interior design and my personal love for fashion, merging my interests felt natural. The desire manifested itself for over a decade with a drawer filled with sketches, fabric samples, magazine clippings and proposed silhouettes.  In fact, I still have a handful of cocktail napkins where I scribbled concepts and ideas from the year 2001.  The timing may have been off in the past.  However, with a bit of grit and determination the stars strategically aligned this year.

I am beyond thrilled to officially announce my new clothing line, the Asher Marie Collection. Coming Spring 2015, the resort and lifestyle collection will deliver globally-inspired pieces at an affordable price point, graciously complementing today’s most dynamic women!

Asher Marie fashion

So how did the name come about? ‘Asher’ is my son’s name, meaning happy and blessed; and ‘Marie’ is a long-time family name with deep personal reference of grace and strength. Asher Marie fused together offers a piece of me and my family and a vision for my customers of strength, beauty and grace. I hope my pieces will inspire and deliver a bit of joy through color, pattern and silhouette and encourage women to be independently beautiful!

As I navigate designing, sourcing, and supplying my new clothing line, a few figurative ‘trips on the runway’ occurred. Below I include a few of my experiences that may help you:

Be conservative. Originally I was looking forward to introducing the Asher Marie Collection with fifteen or twenty inaugural pieces. However, after consulting with fashion industry veterans (including authors of NY Times best sellers and couture experienced designers) I realized my inaugural collection should be limited to less than a dozen pieces.

Not just fashion design. Creatively conceiving a few designs is not your only job when you launch a clothing line. It is up to you to source materials, check with textile suppliers, price fabric by the yard, find a sample maker, research stores and distribution expenses, and the list goes on. If having your own fashion line is your dream—be ready to be hands-on for business operations. You absolutely need to be all in and adopt a strong work ethic before you start any creative concepts.

Fabric! Speaking of business operations and fabric sourcing, all decisions were complete and materials scheduled to order over the summer. Then I received a call that the one of the fabrics we selected was only obtainable in bulk supply and not available for our limited initial collection.  Strike one.  Within days, I also learned that three additional fabrics had completely sold out.  Strike two and back to the drawing board.  Overall, this delayed production of our samples. I had to be resourceful and flexible in selecting quality replacement fabrics that wouldn’t compromise my overall vision. Fortunately, we found stunningly beautiful substitute materials – but accepting these changes early and moving forward without too much emotion has made the line even better.


Many fabric choices are available today!

Please stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes breakdown of more details as we navigate our way! Plus, a sneak peek of the debut collection, fun fabrics and the launch of the Asher Marie Collection website in just a few short weeks.

Summer Dress Trends

maxi dress

My stylish sisters Rachel & Marissa.

This is the first time I am revealing that I am working on a clothing line! Soon I will share details in an official announcement. In the Spring/Summer of 2015 I will launch an exciting new line inspired by global elements, my love for travel, and nature’s beauty.

For now, we are in the middle of summer and we are in the thick of the season’s fashion trends. The classic colors of yellows and pinks, as well as spaghetti straps and backless styles are just as hot as ever (which fits the bohemian style), but this year, there are a few looks that will bring out your inner fashionista’s creative side:

Small floral prints are expected to be quite popular, especially on unexpected colors for the season, such as navy and dark purples. The look is very flattering for paler skin tones. Model Karlie Kloss recently donned the look with a backless maxi dress, while out shopping in NYC. To really make the outfit pop, contrast the darker hew of the dress with a bright yellow heel or bold red lip.

The opposite is usually best for a darker skin tone. Your dress should be the brightest part of your outfit, with your accessories and makeup in neutral tones. Jessica Alba nailed the style on the red carpet late last month in a burnt-orange, strapless pencil dress from Vivienne Westwood. Made of satin, her dress is perfect for a formal event, but the same style can be reinvented into more casual look in a different fabric, such as cotton.

For the perfect universal cut, an empire waist and a solid print looks good on almost any body type. Maxi dresses are also versatile option, and can easily be worn day-to-night. However, if you’ve got a part of you that you want to show off, by all means this is the season to do it! Have you been working on your arms in rowing class and want to show them off? Go strapless or opt for spaghetti straps.

Of course summer is the season to show a little more skin, and designers are definitely delivering. There are plenty of shape-flattering cutouts, long slits, and breezy backless options. Crisscross straps have been particularly popular, and allow you to show off your summer glow. For a twist on your summer dress, try a high-waisted skirt with a crop top that subtlety exposes your midriff. Most women find this to be the narrowest part of their midsection. When exposed and paired with a high-waisted skirt, it creates a longer leaner appearance.

summer fashion

Fitted high waists can make you look leaner and a bold print can be your statement.

For good measure, try and follow the 40% rule: An old-fashioned rule that says showing 40% skin is the ideal ratio to keep in mind when putting together an outfit. Applying this rule, you’ll be able to show off the areas you love, and downplay those you want to draw attention away from.

You’re sure to feel cool in these hot summer looks this season. Pick your favorite look and (safely) enjoy the warm sun on your skin – don’t forget the sunscreen and check out these sunless tanning options!

Happy Dressing!