Meet Asher Marie Model Rachel

Another segment of the Asher Marie Collection “Meet the Models” series is now live. Today we take a peek into the life of my sister Rachel. You’ve seen her around Her Heel Flops in Summer Dress Trends,  Fashion Photo Shoot Outtakes, and Bohemian Fashion Tips. Now we get to learn more about Rachel and her favorite Asher Marie dress, the Marissa (our other sister’s namesake). For more, click “Meet the Models Series: Rachel.”

bohemian fashion

Rachel wearing her favorite Asher Marie dress, the Stained Glass Marissa Shift Dress – click the picture to order it.

Gratitude for our L.A. Swim Week Collaborators

We are so grateful that our team behind the Asher Marie Collection had such a positive experience collaborating with vendors for the L.A. Swim Week runway this past summer. Our various resort wear pieces were not alone on the runway, and I wanted to make sure the accessories received their fair share of the limelight. The beautiful bohemian jewelry was provided by Miller Mae Designs and the body art adorning our models was care of Shimmer Tatts.

Explore the items and designs via our tribute post “Very Thankful for Our Collaborators at L.A. Swim Week.”

bohemian fashion

One of Miller Mae Designs’ bohemian pieces complementing Asher Marie’s ‘Sundazed Joy Dress.’

Like the ‘Sundazed Joy Dress’ by Asher Marie and the ‘Imperial Arrowhead Necklace’ by MMD? Order the dress here and order the necklace here.


Lovely Locks

bohemian hair

Summer hair could be a disaster unless you know how to manage it. Chlorine exposure during pool time, salt water contact on beach trips, and UV rays from the sun all add up and take a toll on hair. The effects generally result in dried out hair, split ends, or faded color (if you use hair colorants). Fortunately, a few simple products and accessories can be added to your summer hair care arsenal to make this season your hair’s favorite:

summer hair

Sun and salt water can damage hair, but there are ways to restore it.

  1. Hair oils. The 80s had hair spray, the 90s had hair gel, and contemporary times have brought us a variety of hair oils. Hair oils help nourish hair without leaving a greasy texture. Generally the best way to apply Moroccan oil or argan oil is to start at the ends. This usually moisturizes and protects the ends from splitting and minimizes a frizzy appearance. Limiting exposure to just the ends or the middle of hair and avoiding the scalp can help prevent a greasy or flat result. Sun Bum Shine On (which we were happy to learn is now available at Nordstrom), is a paraben-free blend of argan and almond oils sourced from products in the United States, and offers UV defense and color protection.
  2. Dry shampoo. If you don’t live close to the beach and spend time at the coast via day trips, or take advantage of summer weather for camping where showers are not readily accessible, a dry shampoo might be your summer savior. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo is a popular water-free styling choice that offers a salon formula blend. Dry shampoos are formulated for use without water. They absorb oils, add volume, and blend with your natural hair color.

    hat styles

    Decorate your hat with beach treasures for a personalized souvenir.

  3. Headbands and hats. If you don’t have space to store products on your summer travels – wear accessories to protect your hair. Bohemian headbands can help you stay trendy and protect your hair at the same time. Wideband headbands adorned with seashells, feathers, and other boho embellishments can help shield your hair and scalp from UV exposure. You can memorialize your trips by adorning a headband or wide-brimmed hat with found objects from the beach: shells, faded sea glass, sparking stones. These are simple to add with a hot glue gun after your trip.

Everything You Want to Know About Winter Boots

winter boots

How many different styles of boots do you have?

Boots are a winter staple, but this year it appears we have more variety than ever before. Are open toe boots okay to wear? When should one wear ankle boots, knee-highs or thigh-highs? Today we review them all!

Boot Styles: 1 is Not Enough

Toes. If you thought your pedicures were over for the year—think again! Open toe boots, or peep toe boots, are ideal for seasonal transitions. The less frigid days of winter work best! Check the weather forecast before planning your outfit to make sure temperatures are ideal and that there is no chance of rain (or snow!).

Ankles. Choosing when to wear ankle boots is dependent on your overall outfit. Generally the short boot height accentuates legs overall, so pairing with a short above-the-knee skirt or dress would be most flattering.

ankle boots

Choose ankle boots with a little character–like fringe.

Knees. Knee-high boots work well with any length skirt, leggings, or jeans. Depending on the material of the boot, you could dress-up your outfit with an equestrian theme: Skinny khakis, knee-high leather boots, and a cropped blazer.

Thighs. Thigh high boots are a statement. One you need to be careful making. This boot style will not only keep you warm, but looking hot—or not. According to a recent piece in Glamour, “there’s a thin line between tasteful and trashy styling” of this particular shoe design. Dramatic footwear calls for toned down accessories. Safe options? Skirts long enough to leave a hint of skin, or skinny jeans and a simple sweater.

Boot brands. It’s been nearly a decade since UGG® boots became internationally trendy. Right now they teeter on the cusp of being vintage. Celebrities like Jessica Alba still pair UGG boots with skinny jeans.

boot trends

Old boot trends are new again.

Niche boots. And what about cowgirl boots, work boots, and combat boots? If you style a bohemian, hipster, or grunge outfit—go for it! Leather Western boots pair with jeans or a floral-patterned skirt. Timberlands are not just a 90s fashion staple or found at construction sites. Timberlands were recently featured by Elle as a returning shoe trend currently worn by celebrities like Gwen Stefani.

With all of these boot choices come boot accessories. Chunky socks and leg warmers will not only help you stay comfortable in the cold, but they add flare and style to your outfit. Wear chunky socks or leg warmers so that they peep out the tops of your boots a few inches. This is especially useful when wearing leggings and you don’t have as much protection from the cold as when wearing jeans. Choose a color that complements your outfit—like one that matches your purse or belt.

Of course, our own shoes are not the only ones we should be interested in buying this season. Buying a new pair of boots for yourself? Donate an old pair. In the spirit of the holidays, look for clothing and shoe donation centers in your area by checking Goodwill locations. Have a lot of items to donate and no time to make a drop-off? Pick Up Please is a program organized by the Vietnam Veterans of America. In most areas they will come to your home and pick up your unwanted household items, clothing, and of course, boots.

Clocks Are Set to Fall Back…Here is Our Fall Look-Back: Top Posts on Style, Food & Travel

daylight savings time change

Daylight savings officially ends this Sunday, November 2nd. In the spirit of setting our clocks back one hour, we thought it would be seasonally appropriate to take a quick look back at some of our highlights this year. Her Heel Flops is still considered an infant at just under a year, but we have a lot to show for it! Here are some of our most popular posts and a sampling of our accomplishments in the last 9 months.

popular blog posts in fall

In just our first month of going live we were invited to guest post for REXConnects, Rex Healthcare’s blog on health, well-being and family. Our Springtime Outdoor Activities post was well received on social media and throughout the community. Our RexConnects contribution was followed by a guest post on Carolina Parent. Carolina Parent is not only a fantastic magazine for families in North Carolina, but a rich website full of family-friendly events and activities. Our post on How to Make Beach Trips With Toddlers Easy with Carolina Parent received great endorsements from coastal-bound families throughout the country, thank you! Our next contribution, Tips for Toddlers on Airplanes was featured on the Family Focus Blog. Family Focus is one of the top blogs for mothers in the country and has been featured by several large news programs. What an opportunity for Her Heel Flops!

So, what else has been popular on Her Heel Flops? Here, we have compiled the top posts on Style, Sips & Eats, and Travel. Enjoy:

urban cowgirl fashion

Urban cowgirl trends.

Top 5 Posts on Style

  1. Bohemian Fashion Tips
  2. New York Fashion Week
  3. Stay at Home (Not Sloppy) Mom
  4. Summer Dress Trends
  5. Spring Makeup Trends
peanut butter pie

From dinner parties to breakfast recipes – here are the top food posts.

Top 5 Posts on Sips & Eats

  1. Dinner Party Ideas: Oscar Night
  2. Al Fresco Entertaining
  3. 5 St. Patrick’s Day Recipes
  4. Vitamins & Vodka
  5. Recipes Using Greek Yogurt
spring break beaches

Beach time and other travels featured in our top travel posts.

Top 5 Posts on Travel

  1. Spring Break Destinations
  2. Staycations for Spring Break
  3. Packing Tips for Traveling
  4. Different Ways to Book Travel
  5. Unplanned Sundays

What was your favorite post so far this year?

Bohemian Fashion Tips

bohemian fashion

Rachel employs several bohemian elements in her outfits.

It’s become a buzzword this spring season: Boho! We see it advertised in magazines and in boutiques, but what exactly is Boho?

Last month we reviewed the highlights of New York Fashion Week, one of which was the bohemian (or boho) chic style that graced the runways. In this post we take a closer look at bohemian fashion and the various textures, accessories, and elements you can incorporate into your wardrobe. If you are looking for a bohemian fashion blog post—here is the one to bookmark and share!

bohemian styles

Boho is free-spirited.

When it comes to this airy and vintage style, I have to showcase my sister Rachel. This is her staple style and it’s easy to associate her free spirit and willingness to try new things.

Boho styles are unique, which is why I think Rachel is attracted to it. Even though it is a style all its own, you can pair and match pieces that have a completely authentic one-of-a-kind look and feel.

bohemian headbands

Bohemian headbands.

Boho-Chic Accessories:

  • Hippie-headbands and headwraps (turbands) – don’t forget a braid or three!
  • Flats or gladiator sandals
  • Pashmina or patterned scarf
  • Statement necklace
  • Natural elements (jewelry featuring wood, pearls, shells, crystals, feathers or turquoise stones)
  • Floppy hats

Bohemian fringe and headbands combined.

Vintage Textures:

  • Lace
  • Distressed leather
  • Fringe
  • Floral embroidery
maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are simple and comfortable.

Boho Silhouettes:

  • Maxi skirts and maxi dresses
  • Tank tops under loosely knit sweaters or crocheted vests
  • Peasant tops and tunic dresses

A nice thing about bohemian outfits is that they are not just comfortable and casual, you can make them elegant too. To glam up a bohemian outfit, add silk and diamonds. Part your hair and twist into an updo with a small braid trailing from your part. Leave the gladiator sandals at home and slip into an ankle wrap wedge.

Remember not to compromise your own style when you incorporate bohemian elements. If you paired all of the features above into a single outfit you may overload the style. For example, try not to wear feather earrings with a feather headband. Pair “loud” or statement jewelry pieces with subdued clothing, and balance patterned dresses with minimal or delicate accessories. You’ll find a comfort zone pretty quickly, and look effortless at the same time!

NY Fashion Week 2014: 7 Styles You May Have Missed

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

Fashion trends that influence the rest of the year are showcased annually during New York Fashion Week in February. (Then we get an inside peek into what fashion trends are on the horizon for the following year at the annual September show.)

The 2014 New York Fashion Week was held February 6-13 and featured over 300 different designers. According to its organizers, Fashion Week is the largest media event in New York City.

Think about all the other staple events in The Big Apple: Thanksgiving Day Parade, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the New York City Marathon…yet Fashion Week is bigger than all the rest. Being that New York is home to the largest department store in the world (Macy’s on 34th Street), and has a state university dedicated to fashion a few blocks away (Fashion Institute of Technology), how could you imagine Fashion Week taking place anywhere else?

If you were not in New York or didn’t have time to stay updated on all the daily fashion reports, here’s a re-cap of the 2014 New York Fashion Week:

1.  Neons. Neons are not just lighting up some of the garments, neon orange lipstick was a consistent complement to the styles on the runways.

2. Neutrals. Herve Leger by Max Azria, known for women’s gowns, dresses and bathing suits, emphasized nude and neutral tones accented by fur, studs, and feathers—but not all at once. Each outfit offering a simple neutral shade has a different embellishment—just enough to give it some character.

neutral fashion trend

Neutrals and Lace

3. Cropped everything. Cropped tops and jackets surfaced from multiple designers, including Tracy Reese and Lela Rose. These cropped items are not appearing alone – models wore cropped tops with cropped pants. This trend will be easier to enjoy when the weather gets warmer!

4. Black-and-white. Minimalist colors and styles popped up frequently. The classic black-and-white combo was used in statement pieces, like a striped fur coat from DKNY.

5. Polka dots. Carrying the black-and-white theme and then some, all sizes and colors of polka dots “dotted” the runways.

6. Bohemian chic. Diane von Furstenberg created a special show “Bohemian Wrapsody” to celebrate the 40-Year Anniversary of her iconic wrap dress. Adding to the spring bohemian trend, the Nicholas K Show featured braids and hippie-inspired headbands.

bohemian chic trend

Bohemian Chic

7. Urban cowgirl with lace. The Nicholas K Show then crossed over the bohemian theme into urban cowgirl, combining leather jackets with cowgirl hats, and lace tops with leather boots.

urban cowgirl fashion
Urban Cowgirl is in!