I am from a beautiful beach town located on the southwest coast of Florida known as Naples. It offers the perfect mixture of beach hippies and the wealthiest of the wealthy (it’s pretty entertaining, no lie).  I am a true Floridian at heart and grew up on the Emerald Sea (also known as the Gulf of Mexico).  To this day, I spend much of my time relaxing and swimming in the ocean when I am not attending school in Tallahassee at FSU (NOLES BABY!) I am the middle child of 5 and have one of the most dysfunctional and yet loving families I have ever known…Literally, SUPER DYSFUNCTIONAL!  But, isn’t that pretty typical in all modern families today? Sometimes you just go with it!  Take life just as it is, with the good and bad and appreciate everything in between. I think being the middle child, survival has been key to maintain sanity.  To this day, I try to instill my “go with it” life style approach in all I do, including rubbing off on my siblings (Sometimes it works! Other times it backfires badly!). I try to be loving and understanding, but I am  notorious for being stubborn (completely, heels stuck in the mud, make that concrete, kind of stubborn). I like to work hard and  play hard (er)… it really works I promise. Attending one of the biggest party schools has taught me this more than anything…more to share on that later 😉 My family has crowned me the rebel of the bunch and perhaps craziest of the offspring (Totally accept and love that about myself).  After all, life is  about being daring, taking chances and earning your experiences. Traveling is my deepest desire; to me the world offers breathtakingly beauty and I want to see it…all of it!  I want to make this life an adventurous quest that never ends.  Peace & Much Love ~ Rach

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