I am the soon to be graduate of The University of Tampa. My first breath into this world took place in Naples, FL- one of my favorite places in the world. I grew up playing in the waves of the beach. I’m a typical beach-bum, but with big dreams. I love being outside and being active. There is nothing more beautiful than the pure essences of nature. I now live in Tampa, where I plan on making my career goals come true. I live by a motto that I made for myself, “Simple girl. Simple life. Simply Happy.”  The small things in life make me truly happy. Whether it’s a smile, having my hand held, a kiss on a forehead, or a simple note that says “I love you.” I love fashion and sports. My passion is to travel and experience every aspect that life has to offer. I’m a spiritual individual, who finds peace in a simple prayer. I tend to be spiteful and difficult, but I always mean well. My family and my friends are my foundation. I am a very passionate person, and always looking for something to challenge my mind. Still trying to figure out who I am as an individual. So join me on my journey of discovering myself in this world.

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