kaylee schatz


I grew up on the East Coast, from D.C. to Naples, Florida and a few places in between.

I come from a MODERN family with step brothers and sisters (some I’ve never met), half siblings and six sets of grandparents…still living, some in their nineties! I am the “oldest” of my generation and “only” for some with the complicated and tangled web of marriages and divorces.

If we ever meet for 3 hours over a bottle of wine, you may understand 1/3 of my family tree…the other 2/3, I don’t even try to understand myself. Hence, the reason, I have steered far away from Ancestry.com. I can’t keep all of it straight and I was the one who actually loved trigonometry in school!

Despite my family’s complexity, most everyone gets along, sends each other Christmas cards and actually likes one other…please let me reiterate, MOST.

So, after growing up and starting my own version of a family, I have served as Miss NC 2006 (yes, pre-marriage…no scandals here), Mrs. NC 2009-2010, practiced as a Real Estate Broker and Designer for almost a decade, traveled extensively with my husband (I think I have slippers from 11 different hotels and soaps from over 30), became a mommy (miserable pregnancy and natural childbirth) to the most amazing baby boy (he’s almost two and totally worth it), learned to cook (again, because I thought I knew), built a house (actually, three), started two businesses (one failed), threw some awesome dinners and parties (others agree, just ask them), adopted the principals of a Professional Online Shopper (I swear boxes arrive to my front door daily and I haven’t been to Target, the Mall or grocery store in over a year), I have (slowly) become a self proclaimed, sometimes unsolicited “opinion sharer” of just about everything.

I don’t mean to offend or overstep boundaries, I just tend to cling passionately to my beliefs and think I have (some) valuable and authentic information to share…maybe I should define valuable :/ However, above all else, I truly value my career as MOM the most, and my friends and family are what makes my world go round! I know I am blessed and perhaps this little online space offers a way to reflect on all of the crazy, fun, real and sometimes blissful moments in life.

So after years of, “maybe you should write a book…” or, “that’s such a great idea,” I have decided to share some of my life with you…perhaps the good, bad and sometimes ugly, but maybe we can learn from each other…at least, that’s my hope! ~Kaylee

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