Get to Know “HER”

costa rica vacation

Circa…a long time ago!

Her who? WE are three very different girls in various stages of life.  We have different political and social views, like different styles of jeans, shoes, men and music. We often disagree about what to eat, how to dress, what to do and where to go.  But independently  we agree we each have decent (very individualized) style,  a love for fashion, food, travel, luxury hotels, flip flops (and high heels), warm beaches,  good music, jewelry, photography, trying new things, our friends,  interior design, ALL things chocolate, ridiculously good Cabernet and our completely dysfunctional, but totally entertaining family…after all, we are sisters!  With this little piece of online real estate , we hope to share with each other, and with you, the things that make us think, laugh out loud, cry, love, wonder with amazement, say “ooh and ahh,” appreciate the little things…and the finer ones, and make us feel alive.  While we can’t always aim to please with positivity (honesty rules here), we promise to make it interesting and hope to inspire someone along the way! Life is moving and it’s not waiting for anyone…we invite you to come see it with us.

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