Dog Days of Summer: Summertime Pet Gadgets

dog friendly travel

Travel smart with your furkids.

Summertime is full of outdoor activities that are perfect for bringing along the family dog. Hikes, beach trips, dining al fresco – your pup enjoys spending time with you and experiencing new sights and scents. The warm weather definitely promotes more time outside, but sometimes the heat is too much and can be dangerous to canines. When you spend time with your dog traveling this summer or at home on a staycation, here are a few gadgets that can help:

  • Cooling accessories. Aside from hydration, another way you can help keep your dog comfortable is with a cooling collar. Several brands, like KoolCollar, are worn on your dog’s neck and help regulate your dog’s temperature. Some varieties work with ice cubes, while others can be soaked in cool water and then worn. For greater surface area, some manufacturers create vests that operate a similar way. (Some are made for humans too!)

    beach tent

    Tents are not just for camping, they can provide shade for your pup on beach trips.

  • Dog beach tent. You can enjoy a break from the sun and a cocktail in the cabana with your dog. Canine tents and beach cabanas offer a shady, ventilated spot where your dog can relax.
  • iFetch. You might have your hands full with a toddler or two—keeping your dog entertained might be challenging! iFetch can help manage dog play time. This device launches a ball, the dog places the ball back inside, and the fun keeps going. They work indoors and outdoors!
  • Foldable bowls and bottles. Foldable food and water bowls and bottles are perfect for traveling. Several lined cloth options can fold up in your suitcase or even in your pocket, and take up just about as much room as a pair of socks.
family dog

Our dog Cinnamon enjoying summer.

You might have peace of mind keeping your dog with you while you travel. Our dog Cinnamon is a notorious escape artist. When tethering her in our yard, we went through a few dozen different restraints until finding one that safely and successfully keeps her at home!

One of the challenges when traveling with pets is finding dog-friendly accommodations. You might find a pet-friendly hotel at the beach, only to learn there is a weight limit. We have had multiple positive experiences with Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO), both within the United States and abroad. Generally, dog-friendly rentals on VRBO will require an additional pet deposit or cleaning fee. Having all the amenities and familiar comforts of a home might be a better travel experience for you and your dog. A bark-happy dog might fare better in a private home than with hotel room neighbors a wall away!

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