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Summer hair could be a disaster unless you know how to manage it. Chlorine exposure during pool time, salt water contact on beach trips, and UV rays from the sun all add up and take a toll on hair. The effects generally result in dried out hair, split ends, or faded color (if you use hair colorants). Fortunately, a few simple products and accessories can be added to your summer hair care arsenal to make this season your hair’s favorite:

summer hair

Sun and salt water can damage hair, but there are ways to restore it.

  1. Hair oils. The 80s had hair spray, the 90s had hair gel, and contemporary times have brought us a variety of hair oils. Hair oils help nourish hair without leaving a greasy texture. Generally the best way to apply Moroccan oil or argan oil is to start at the ends. This usually moisturizes and protects the ends from splitting and minimizes a frizzy appearance. Limiting exposure to just the ends or the middle of hair and avoiding the scalp can help prevent a greasy or flat result. Sun Bum Shine On (which we were happy to learn is now available at Nordstrom), is a paraben-free blend of argan and almond oils sourced from products in the United States, and offers UV defense and color protection.
  2. Dry shampoo. If you don’t live close to the beach and spend time at the coast via day trips, or take advantage of summer weather for camping where showers are not readily accessible, a dry shampoo might be your summer savior. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo is a popular water-free styling choice that offers a salon formula blend. Dry shampoos are formulated for use without water. They absorb oils, add volume, and blend with your natural hair color.

    hat styles

    Decorate your hat with beach treasures for a personalized souvenir.

  3. Headbands and hats. If you don’t have space to store products on your summer travels – wear accessories to protect your hair. Bohemian headbands can help you stay trendy and protect your hair at the same time. Wideband headbands adorned with seashells, feathers, and other boho embellishments can help shield your hair and scalp from UV exposure. You can memorialize your trips by adorning a headband or wide-brimmed hat with found objects from the beach: shells, faded sea glass, sparking stones. These are simple to add with a hot glue gun after your trip.

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