Photo Shoot Details and Outtakes!

asher marie fashion

The girls taking a break from striking poses.

We want to share a few spontaneous shots before we release the formal stylized portraits and Look Book from Asher Marie Collection’s inaugural photo shoot. These will give you a peek at the styles and a little behind-the-scenes look at the talented individuals involved with the shoot.

fashion photo shoot

Even the Ferrari modeled for us.

How did the day unfold? From 8:30AM-10:30AM we dedicated time to hair and makeup. Thank you to Jamie and Jessie for your great talents! Then our models were styled and posed for the shoot from 10:30AM-3PM. We celebrated the official launch of the Asher Marie Collection through a party held at my home in the evening. As usual, Chef Michael Saunders and his team rocked it out of the park with crafty cocktails and endless delicious eats!!!

fashion models

Libations and snacks courtesy of Chef Michael Saunders.

Yes, you now have the privilege of seeing our designs showcased on models! But who are the Asher Marie models in our shoot? Our look book models included my beautiful sister Rachel (who you’ve seen in earlier posts on Her Heel Flops where she modeled her boho fashion style), and my sister-like bestie (and hopefully soon-to-be cousin-in-law) Sharice a.k.a. ‘Legs.’ (A term of endearment given by all of us who fall short of her beautiful, natural, six foot tall physical composition!) Sharice clearly has some experience modeling, but she would be the last person to tell you about it! Best friends, Desiree and Kim also joined in for our lifestyle shots and brought us great comedic relief with their one-liners, slightly inappropriate humor and always-honest opinions. I am beyond blessed with this group of women and grateful to have them in my life!!!

yoga fashion

Desiree posing yoga-style.

What about the talent behind the camera? That’s Christa Hook. Christa Hook is the photographer responsible for my beautiful maternity shoot, my son’s infant portraits, and many family photos. She used to live here in the Triangle-area, but she moved out to Colorado. Fortunate for me and many other clients—she flies back to North Carolina regularly for photo sessions! Very grateful for her time and talent!

fashion photographer

Thanks to photographer Christa Hook who flew to North Carolina from Colorado.

The largest challenge for the shoot was that the Asher Marie designs are intended for late spring and early summer. Our collection is made for women who like to travel and aspire to the wanderlust theme. However, the photo shoot was shot outside of beach season and over a hundred miles from the coast. We took creative steps in locating palms to decorate our set and “faking” it outside with a few coastal accessories. A friend of a friend was also kind enough to loan us her beautiful suburban estate for a poolside backdrop. Talk about braving it…the girls even dipped their legs in for a few summer-themed travel shots…it was barely 50 degrees! I continue to appreciate it!

resort wear

Can you believe they dipped their toes in the pool on a 50-degree day?!

Yes, this photo shoot required a tremendous collaboration. The owners of the estate were gracious to open their property to us, Rachel flew in from Florida, Sharice and Desiree from California, Christa from Colorado, and we had vendors in California as part of the fashion production process. Check out our earlier post about collaborating on a photo shoot.

One take away, our next shoot will definitely be a destination shoot, on location somewhere warm and sunny, perhaps with a bit of sand and salt in the air! 🙂

That’s a wrap!

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