Has Spring Really Sprung? Anticipate Summer with Vacation Planning

travel planning

Don’t wait until summer to book your summer getaway.

Some travelers don’t start to think about summer vacation destinations until it warms up substantially, however, most beach houses and condos are already booked for June, July and August. If you want a place on the beach in the middle of the summer, start looking now to see what remains. A benefit to booking early: It’s the off-season so many sites have not yet inflated rates.

Waiting to book your travels is risky, but summer vacations themselves have risks, like hurricanes.

Solution? Travel insurance.

Most travel insurance premiums cost approximately $100, a fair fee when you consider the hundreds or thousands of dollars you may spend on the overall trip. Not all travel insurance policies are the same though. Some premiums provide a refund in the event of a storm or illness. On our trip to California last year my in-law needed to be hospitalized. This added extra days onto our trip, additional lodging costs, amended airfare plans and fees. However, if my husband’s job gets in the way—unfortunately there’s no insurance for that.

Another solution? Travel away from hurricane-prone areas. The entire eastern seaboard and Gulf Coast are generally prime targets for summer hurricanes. Granted, even if your travels are to the Pacific Northwest—or to Napa like one of our summer travels last year—hurricanes could affect flight patterns elsewhere and your trip could still be hindered.

naples beaches

Exploring Florida beaches as a family means proper planning for our toddler’s plane trip.

Aside from weather, illness, and the typical vacation-downers – how can you have a pleasant travel experience with a toddler? Check out my earlier post on traveling with toddlers on planes for a few activities and planning tips. If your toddler is into trains, Amtrak allows two children ages 2-12 to receive a 50% discount on the lowest available adult fare with each fare-paying adult. (Kids under 2 are free!)

Costa Rica rental

A private family-friendly Costa Rica rental we enjoyed greatly!

Looking for a family-friendly place to stay, one that has laundry accommodations, privacy, and plenty of room for little ones to play? Check out our post on different ways to book travel for finding the right summer vacation rental property.

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