Check Out The Asher Marie Collection Website!

The delays between our posts have been for good reasons. The website for our fashion line the Asher Marie Collection is now live and quite active! What can you find there?

  • On our home page you can Sign Up to receive complimentary shipping on your first order. Scroll to the bottom of the home page for the form.
  • We have an ‘Inspiration‘ tab to show you the elements and places that have contributed to our style. Resorts, exotic destinations, beaches, and a sense of adventure coalesce in Asher Marie patterns and silhouettes.
  • Asher Marie is getting social! With our latest ‘Social Media‘ tab, you will be able to follow our most recent Pins, Tweets and Facebook posts.
  • Pre-orders are open, so hop over and reserve your favorite pieces before they become available to the public.

As an emerging designer, simultaneously while building Asher Marie from scratch, I have been targeting fashion shows, developing our samples, planning our photo shoot and launch party (both were thankfully super successful on March 13th) and getting materials together for our initial Look Book, which will also be available on our site very soon.

We are also tentatively planning to attend fashion shows in Charlotte, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Nevada, Miami and Tampa, Florida, and possibly Atlanta, Georgia. While we navigate the process for fashion show protocol we will be sharing inside details. Curious about fashion marketing? You’re lucky you subscribe to Her Heel Flops, and if you have not already – please click ‘follow’ on the right side to make sure you receive each new post as it comes.

We recently revealed a few pieces from the Asher Marie Collection’s inaugural fashion line. Today we are including another print as a sneak peek into Asher Marie Spring/Summer 2015:

emerging fashion designer

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