Everything You Want to Know About Winter Boots

winter boots

How many different styles of boots do you have?

Boots are a winter staple, but this year it appears we have more variety than ever before. Are open toe boots okay to wear? When should one wear ankle boots, knee-highs or thigh-highs? Today we review them all!

Boot Styles: 1 is Not Enough

Toes. If you thought your pedicures were over for the year—think again! Open toe boots, or peep toe boots, are ideal for seasonal transitions. The less frigid days of winter work best! Check the weather forecast before planning your outfit to make sure temperatures are ideal and that there is no chance of rain (or snow!).

Ankles. Choosing when to wear ankle boots is dependent on your overall outfit. Generally the short boot height accentuates legs overall, so pairing with a short above-the-knee skirt or dress would be most flattering.

ankle boots

Choose ankle boots with a little character–like fringe.

Knees. Knee-high boots work well with any length skirt, leggings, or jeans. Depending on the material of the boot, you could dress-up your outfit with an equestrian theme: Skinny khakis, knee-high leather boots, and a cropped blazer.

Thighs. Thigh high boots are a statement. One you need to be careful making. This boot style will not only keep you warm, but looking hot—or not. According to a recent piece in Glamour, “there’s a thin line between tasteful and trashy styling” of this particular shoe design. Dramatic footwear calls for toned down accessories. Safe options? Skirts long enough to leave a hint of skin, or skinny jeans and a simple sweater.

Boot brands. It’s been nearly a decade since UGG® boots became internationally trendy. Right now they teeter on the cusp of being vintage. Celebrities like Jessica Alba still pair UGG boots with skinny jeans.

boot trends

Old boot trends are new again.

Niche boots. And what about cowgirl boots, work boots, and combat boots? If you style a bohemian, hipster, or grunge outfit—go for it! Leather Western boots pair with jeans or a floral-patterned skirt. Timberlands are not just a 90s fashion staple or found at construction sites. Timberlands were recently featured by Elle as a returning shoe trend currently worn by celebrities like Gwen Stefani.

With all of these boot choices come boot accessories. Chunky socks and leg warmers will not only help you stay comfortable in the cold, but they add flare and style to your outfit. Wear chunky socks or leg warmers so that they peep out the tops of your boots a few inches. This is especially useful when wearing leggings and you don’t have as much protection from the cold as when wearing jeans. Choose a color that complements your outfit—like one that matches your purse or belt.

Of course, our own shoes are not the only ones we should be interested in buying this season. Buying a new pair of boots for yourself? Donate an old pair. In the spirit of the holidays, look for clothing and shoe donation centers in your area by checking Goodwill locations. Have a lot of items to donate and no time to make a drop-off? Pick Up Please is a program organized by the Vietnam Veterans of America. In most areas they will come to your home and pick up your unwanted household items, clothing, and of course, boots.

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