Pumpkin is Done, Check These New Fall Flavors

fall recipes

No pumpkin here!

The cooler weather makes outdoor spaces perfect extensions to your home entertaining area. Yes, the sun sets a little earlier, but this means you have unique lighting options to create a stunning al fresco retreat.

Of course along with the cooler weather and a chance to spend some more time outside (without little ones getting fidgety in the heat or having sunscreen sting their eyes), fall also brings a bevy of opportunities to get together with friends and family. While every season has birthdays, the widely celebrated holidays in the fall, including Thanksgiving, offer prime times for all ages to get together.

The market is already saturated with pumpkin-flavored treats every fall. While everyone loves a pumpkin spiced latte, the infiltration of this specific member of the gourd family into everyday foods may be a bit typical and boring. If you’re hosting this season, instead of infusing all your foods with a can of Libby’s, try another classic fall flavor, like apple. Instead of a pumpkin pie, baked apples with a crumble topping can be a delicious option that will give you that same autumnal feel.

The idea doesn’t just apply to desserts. You can incorporate the same apple flavors into main dishes, like chicken apple sausage skewers—aromatic pieces of sausage and tangy apples grilled to perfection. Even your kids are sure to like this sweet and savory combination—and it’s a great way to get them to eat their fruit!

For other fall dishes, while summer sees a lot of the lighter herbs like dill, basil, and mint, this time of year the more woodsy varieties become popular, such as rosemary, sage, and thyme. Instead of the summer’s spices of lemon pepper, saffron, and cumin, the spices more popular in the fall include cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and allspice.

You can incorporate these herbs and spices into your main dishes, but they’re also great for your drinks. For added flair this fall, opt for drink recipes that allow you to incorporate the unique ingredients for stirring that the season has to offer. A cinnamon stick can perfectly accent a warm cup of apple cider, and a sprig of rosemary or thyme can beautifully accompanying a unique cocktail, like the gin and tonic infused “Thyme to Kill.”

herb infused drinks

Rosemary is not just for your roast!

The other nice thing about apples and fall herbs? Not only are they edible, but they make great decorations. Plus, a pre-party apple-picking adventure with kids is another fun, family benefit!

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