Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

There is the ever-present question women everywhere ask themselves once the calendar passes Labor Day:

“Can I still wear white?”

The answer: Of course you can!

If you always thought of the fashion faux pas as being slightly ridiculous, you are not alone. No matter where you live, you probably still experience summer-like weather well into “Fall.” White not only looks just as great after Labor Day (when it was unquestionably acceptable), it is also one of the best colors you can wear to keep yourself cool when the heat peaks. Here in Raleigh it stays hot well past Labor Day! Even with our momentary lapses in 80 degree weather, hot with a dose of humidity often lingers while the leaves change.

The no-white-after-Labor-Day-rule is simply old-fashioned. In fact, the most important aspect of your wardrobe is not the color, it’s actually the fabric. Linen should be the first to head into storage when the weather begins to cool.

Surprisingly, the expected color choices for the upcoming Fall 2014 fashion season include white, off-white, black, grey, and nude tones. All are expected to be especially popular, especially when paired with jewel tones — such as reds, blues, and purples. Chunky necklaces, scarves and other accessories in these colors will make your neutral toned outfits really pop.

fall fashion trend

Whites paired with red are not only trendy this season, but festive.

What might shock fashionistas the most, is the fabric of choice for this year’s fall fashion season. The knitted sweaters your grandmother provided are making a serious comeback.

It’s a fairly easy look. Stylish tops comprise of those knitted sweaters your older relatives have been pushing for years. As it turns out, they were actually ahead of the fashion curve. This season will see a significant increase in knitted sweaters, especially those that are over-sized and fitted at the shoulders. For bottoms, this fall’s go-tos are as simple as a pair of slightly worn jeans in ashy-grey tones or medium shades of blue. Tighter fitting or legging style will give your body shape with the slightly oversized tops.

To complete your look for this fall, try some ankle-height Chelsea boots or vibrant colored ‘booties’. You can also dress up your socks this season as an accessory to your wardrobe. Think knitted boot-height socks in the previously mentioned jewel tones.

fall fashion boots

Fall fashion boots combined with neutral tones and knits = in style!

The old is new again this season. Take advantage of it and show off your vintage style before it becomes too modern again!

You may have been wondering where we’ve been. With the month-long gap between now and our last post we have been busy! Travels to Florida, California, and inaugural fashion line news to share very soon. More to come about all of this shortly!

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