Spa Days at Home

diy spa

Spend time with a friend, sister, or invite another mom over to your personal spa retreat.

As a parent, stealing a moment for yourself is a challenge. Scheduling a spa day requires child care arrangements and advanced planning. Once you are relaxed from a massage you may be stuck in traffic rushing to get home to relieve a babysitter. Why not make an oasis in your home?

Spontaneous Spa Days

Creating a spa day at home can be as quick as an at-home pedicure during your toddler’s nap time, to a full day of tub soaks, facials, and gourmet meals delivered to your door. I love spending time with my sisters Marissa and Rachel, but when they are far away it’s nice to relax with a close friend or another mom. If another mom wants a spa day too, chip in on a babysitter together, hire an in-home masseuse, paint each other’s nails, or leave the cooking to the professionals:

DIY face mask

You probably have the ingredients for a DIY face mask already in your kitchen.

  1. Pre-soak body scrub. Baking soda or brown sugar mixed with coffee grounds and olive oil is a quick and easy exfoliator. To ensure you don’t clog your drains, use a mesh drain catch.
  2. Post-soak moisture. Before you step into the tub, place lotion on a radiator or in a microwaveable bowl. When you are finished soaking you will have warm lotion and no chilly surprises.
  3. DIY face masks. If you have the right ingredients, you don’t need to order supplies in advance. Even WebMD says chocolate is great for your face! Use a blender to mix aloe vera gel, honey, avocado, cocoa, oatmeal, or yogurt. (No worries if you miss an ingredient.) This is an easy face mask that you can rinse after 15 minutes. Don’t forget the classic cucumber slices over your eyes! Chill in the freezer before using. Whole Living also recommends chilling pre-steeped tea bags in the fridge to use in lieu of cucumber.
  4. Mani-pedi time. Before picking out a nail color, exfoliate hands and feet with the scrub above. Heat honey in the microwave—not too long to prevent burning yourself. Apply the honey to hands and feet and wrap both with plastic wrap for 15-20 minutes. After filing and a cuticle trim, apply a color – maybe one to match the season’s fashion trends. Or skip the color entirely—a simple exfoliation and moisture service may be all you need.
  5. Indulge. Several gourmet food services deliver delicious meals straight to your door. One service, Impromptu Gourmet, offers complete customization. Maybe you just want dessert? Simply order that or a five-course meal.

How can you be ready to treat yourself at any time? With these three items you can’t go wrong:

Towels. Invest in spa bath towels. These are usually longer and softer.

Lighting. Aromatherapy candles create a relaxing glow and you can pick a scent you love. You can even make your own candles with your little ones during the day as you work up to your spa time.

Heat. Don’t underestimate the relaxing power of a heated blanket. Even if you don’t have time for all the activities above, simply relaxing in bed or on the couch under a heated blanket after a shower can help de-stress.

Ask your spouse or partner to tend to the kids before bedtime so that you can have a relaxing end to your day. This does not have to be for a special occasion! Treat yourself. Maybe it’s the end to a long beach day with your toddler, or you are overwhelmed with back-to-school errands. Either way, you can have a spa day. At home.

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