Traveling on Planes With Toddlers Guest Post

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Family Focus Blog is an award-winning blog featuring informative posts for parents on everything from recipes and decorating, to activities families can do together. Scarlet Paolicchi, the force behind Family Focus, was named the #3 Top Mom Blogger in the US earlier this year. We are fortunate and happy to be able to contribute to Scarlet’s blog with a post chronicling tips I have collected after flying with my toddler.

toddler airline travel

I’m including the beginning, then click the link to read the full post:

4 Tips for Toddlers on Airplanes

Traveling on planes can be cramped, you may miss a meal and be hungry, and without the right provisions a flight can be boring. Flights with your toddler in tow compound travel woes on another level. How can you keep your child comfortable too? With a few tips for toddlers on airplanes and innovative new product designs you and your little one will be flying high and happy.

1. Let early birds fly ahead.

Families with small children have the privilege of being part of the first-to-board party. Pass this privilege on to other travelers. Instead, wait until the very last minute to board the plane. Ask a partner or flight attendant to install your car seat before you board. If you have an active toddler like my son, it works wonders for in-flight behavior. There is no fidgeting or settling in…

Read the rest of “Toddlers Take Flight: Tips for Toddlers on Airplanes.”

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