Baby Gadgets: High-Tech Toddlers

While raising a baby hasn’t gotten any easier, technology advancements have created a few benefits for modern parents. Take a look at some of the things that modern moms can take advantage of:

It's A High Tech World!

New moms soon learn what an involved process it can be just getting your little tyke to eat. If you’re like me and enjoy cooking, you’ve probably thought about making your own baby food before. Not only can you make it as healthy as possible with fewer preservatives, but you can whip something up that is specialized for your baby’s dietary requirements and their preferences.

However, since an infant’s immune system isn’t as strong as an adults, you have to be even more cautious about ingredients, cooking methods, and proper storing. While there are tons of great websites for recipes, how can you remember when the food was prepared? The DaysAgo Digital Refrigerator Timer is a little stick-on timer that you can put directly onto jars/food storage containers that keep track of how many storage days. They are multifunctional too. You can stick one on a fish bowl to remind yourself how many days since the last tank cleaning, or place it on plants to remember when they were last watered. (Or as my toddler says, “Fed.”)

Sometimes you can’t always rely strictly on the timers for food, like when you’re traveling or if the food containers outnumber the quantity of timers. As a backup there is the Food Expiration Date Alarm app available on smartphones. You can use this app to log and monitor all your food in the fridge as well, so you don’t have to be the guinea pig when trying to figure out if the milk has gone bad.

toddler apps

     Many apps today can help manage toddler-related tasks.

Besides the food alarm apps, there are some other inventions that have made traveling with a baby much less daunting than before. Looking for a modern stroller for baby travel? 4Moms Origami Stroller opens and closes automatically, has an LCD screen to monitor your baby from any angle, a power charging station for your phone, lights to guide your way at night, and a display on the back top, so you can check the weather, track your speed, and see how far you’ve traveled.

When you’re somewhere new your baby may be fussier than usual without the comfort of their toys and crib. The rockaRoo Baby Rocker is designed to go with you when you travel, so your baby has a familiar place to rest their head. This isn’t an ordinary rocker. You can connect it to your smartphone to control the motions, check your baby’s position, and change the speed.

There are also little products that may help alleviate some of the stress of everyday parenting tasks. While you’re unlikely to ever get a lot of sleep with a baby or toddler, when your child gets sick, you’ll be running on fumes. If your little one is under the weather, there’s no longer a need to wake a cranky baby with a pacifier thermometer! With a more modern thermometer such as San Sero’s you can scan your baby’s forehead while they rest. They can keep napping and you can catch some much needed Zs too.

The one task that everyone wishes modern technology would take care of is probably changing diapers. While it doesn’t get much better than a smell-stifling Diaper Genie, another saving grace for a sick or fussy baby is a diaper warmer. It may not seem as high-tech, but a warm (dry) tush can soothe the crankiest of babies and toddlers. There’s also word of a “smart diaper” in the works. Complete with a microchip, they can monitor when your baby is wet or cold, and they will even send a urine analysis report to your smart phone that can check for UTIs, tell you if your baby is dehydrated, and monitor kidney function.

I’m always interested in hearing what you’ve discovered! What other new gadgets have you found that have made motherhood a little easier?

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