5 Creative Graduation Gifts

graduation gifts

Congratulations to Marissa and her boyfriend Nick for their graduation from The University of Tampa!

Graduations – for both high schoolers and college students – are significant life events. These moments often bring students to a crossroads. Will a high schooler move on to college right away? What major? For a college graduate—is a job available and will it require a relocation?

Money is universally a “good” gift idea. Gift cards are also great for students leaving academia. But don’t you want to give something special to someone special for such a special rite of passage? My sister Marissa just graduated college in Florida. This is a time to show how proud I am of her success. I want to get creative with graduation gifts!

Time to start cooking!

Time to start cooking!

  1. Cooking classes. Students are notoriously strapped for time and money. Macaroni and cheese and ramen are typical dorm room staples. Learning how to cook from a professional chef is knowledge that your loved one can use for the rest of their lives. Maybe they will cook you a meal in thanks!
  2. Subscription gifts. What is your graduating friend or family member interested in? Forget magazines or book-of-the-month clubs—there are more creative subscription gifts available today than ever before. Gift a monthly or weekly meal. Craft Coffee offers a monthly java surprise. For sweet-toothed graduates: Mouth offers chocolates-of-the-month.
  3. Gym membership. With a new routine and stresses to get used to—you want your graduate to be healthy, right? Give a one-year gym membership and/or one-on-one personal training sessions. Maybe even the new fitness trend of rowing classes. This way they can grow into a healthy lifestyle as they navigate post-academia life.
    decoration gifts

    Offer to buy furniture or decorate the graduate’s new apartment.

  4. New apartment furnishings. If the graduate will be moving—whether a short distance or a long one—offer to pay for moving expenses, a couch, a new bed, or a dinette set. The expenses of furnishing an apartment for the first time can easily exceed a few thousand dollars. Help curb the costs and outfit your graduate’s new home.
  5. Trip. Whether you want to join the graduate or give them the gift of traveling solo to a dream destination—surprising them with a trip after years of study and dedicated concentration is a great way to celebrate their accomplishment. Plus, you can customize a trip specifically for them. Maybe cooking classes in Paris or a guided hike in Nepal?

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