Papa & Nana’s House for Easter

I think at age two the meaning of Easter can easily get lost in mounds of chocolate, extra tall grass and the big white fluffy “Hop Hop.”  Can you believe he visited while you were sleeping and hid colorful eggs filled with even more chocolate?

Morning Time!

Morning Time!

What an overwhelming concept to grasp in and of itself!  But try to explain to a two year old the REAL meaning of Easter.  Jesus’ grace, His sacrifice and Resurrection Sunday.  Perhaps, it’s our role as Christian parents to shelter our children from the secular context.  However, I am a firm believer that most things are okay in moderation.  Even the Easter Bunny.  I also respect those who disagree with me and believe everyone is entitled to their own traditions.

Cookies Before Dinner?

Cookies Before Dinner?

So after celebrating Jesus and explaining (the best I could) to a two year old that Jesus woke up from his nap today, we were able to spend precious time with our dearest family and enjoy our fair bit of gluten filled creations and chocolate treats.

Having a chat with Opa!

Having a chat with Opa!

Thank you to Papa and Nana for your service, a beautiful Easter prayer, dinner and company.  May the true meaning of His Love and family be with us all!

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