4 Workout Trends: Digital, Short, Social, Row

Are you one to make excuses that you can’t find the time to exercise? I am. Or you start a routine for a few days and then you don’t start again for a few weeks? That’s me too.

Today, more people are making the time to exercise because working out is becoming more convenient. Here are a few workout trends that show how you can exercise anywhere, anytime, for less time, and more effectively:

online workouts

Online training! Skip smelly locker rooms and commutes to gyms and enroll in a digital gym. Shower and workout in the comfort of your own home—plus, the extra time you would have spent driving can be used for extra calorie burning or healthy meal planning. No worries if you miss a class since you can stream a video whenever is convenient for you—which means no excuses! Plus, online training is more dynamic than a workout DVD series since new workout videos are added every day. The money you would have spent on daycare while you were out can now go toward rewarding yourself when you meet your workout goals.

short workouts

Shorter workouts! This has been my saving grace and has allowed me to table the excuses. Focus T-25 (from same folks that created the popular P90X series), feature highly intense, shorter workouts. This helps time-starved individuals squeeze in effective workouts. Whether it’s time for a toddler’s nap, you get home early from work, or you decide to eat breakfast on the run and use a few spare minutes of morning time for a workout—managing an intense workout in under a half hour is a lot less intimidating than two hours at the gym.

social dieting

Social fitness! Also a digital supplement to your workouts, several online services and apps offer the ability to bet on yourself with respect to your fitness goals. Some companies offer matched sponsorships. DietBet is a social dieting game you can do online or on your iPhone. Think of how much money would motivate you and place your bet. If you lose, others using the service who met their goals keep their money and get a portion of the “losers’” shares.

Rowing! Spinning is out and rowing is in. Not only is Kevin Spacey getting a workout on his private rowing machine in “House of Cards,” but the trend is hitting gyms across the country. Rowing classes are taking a new “spin”—by mimicking the high-energy music and atmosphere of spin classes. And why not? Rowing satisfies cardio, core, and arms!

Along with working out comes hydration. What do you like to drink during workouts? Take a look at my water choices.

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