Sometimes The Best Sundays are Simply Unplanned

Despite the yellow tinged skyline, outdoor furniture, sidewalks, streets and cars, we decided to brave the elements this weekend and venture out into the wild world of Pine Pollen!

After enjoying our Sunday (almost) routine egg and avocado breakfast, of all things we could have done inside or under cover, we decided to take the top off of our 1997 Jeep Wrangler and just drive…baby in tow. Thank goodness none of us suffer from allergies, but even so, we couldn’t help but sniffle a bit through the thick of it.  One word about sums it up: Dense! I swear this stuff gets worse, year after year. I think (actually, I’m 110% positive), I’m looking forward to rain this week!  In fact, if it rains for 48 hours straight, I will be grateful and probably save a couple hundred bucks in delaying pressure washing my patios, porches, walk ways and everything in between.

Ride in the Jeep

So off to the ‘country’ we went with no agenda.  A diaper bag, handy wipes, sunglasses, camera, water and a snack for A.  I even left my phone at home…while not intentional, it probably added to my overall enjoyment.  The extended break from checking Email, Twitter, FB, Texts and Instagram was both disturbingly odd and immensely gratifying.  I was able to sit back and just live in the moment, windblown and all.  The best part…the silence!  No distractions except passing traffic and the occasional dog barking or cow mooing in the distance.  A, who doesn’t typically enjoy extended car rides without an intended purpose, was mostly content.  Taking in the effortless white noise and constant breeze was probably therapeutic for him.

Jeep Fun

After a bit, we landed at a county park and campground.  We enjoyed some time exploring the trails and eventually, found the waters edge.  Jake mentioned it reminded him of his time growing up in rural Wisconsin…deep in nature, bugs chirping, birds flying and the faint smell of campfires in the distance.  It brought me back to my early years…summers by the lake, bonfires, fireflies and life much simpler.  I can’t tell you how many years its been since I’ve had such a simple, yet perfect moment.  At Peace.

Woods Baby

On the way home, we couldn’t help but stop by the side of the road so A could see “Tec.”  A farmer was selling a tractor that looked just like A’s favorite TV character…actually, the only TV character he recognizes.  But, don’t all two year old boys love tractors anyways? A couldn’t believe Daddy was willing to stop and let him say “Hi.”  Daddy scored big brownie points and probably made A’s whole month!  Thanks honey, for always taking the extra little step that make things memorable!

Daddy and A

There you have it…Simple and Sweet.  To my two favorite guys on the planet, thanks for a great day and completely unplanned weekend. Here’s to more like those!

xoxo, Mommy

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