Packing Tips for Traveling

We covered a few spring break travel plans, but aside from destinations, how should you pack? With Easter just around the corner, many families are ready to travel. Packing for comfort, for souvenirs, for special occasions—you can juggle everything with a few changes to your packing routine.

packing tips

Time to pack smart!

You might be the kind of tourist who prepares an itinerary before embarking and keeps a spreadsheet labeling where all of your items are in your checked and carry-on luggage. Alternatively, you might be a free spirit and use a single bag for your travels no matter how far away and how long you will be exploring. Regardless of your travel style, we have a few luggage options and packing tips below that will help you. This can mean added comfort in your travels when balancing your luggage during transports, finding lost luggage, or extra space to bring home gifts for yourself and loved ones:

suitcase designs

Choose suitcases with modern designs both for comfort and identifying during travels.

Modern luggage designs. How many times have you grabbed someone else’s suitcase and thought it was your own? Traditional suitcase designs look too similar. You may have tried adding a bandana or ribbon to the handle to help you spot it in the luggage claim area, but today there are so many sleek designs you can customize to your liking. Nieman Marcus offers the latest luggage designs with bright colors and some monogramming options. Most contemporary suitcases offer the four-way wheels, smaller ones convert into a backpack, and this folding suitcase was designed with an accordion style—which also “irons” your clothes as you travel. Depart on the flat setting, and let it expand with souvenirs as you travel!

Luggage tracking systems. Yes, there are luggage GPS products! If the airline loses your luggage, you will be able to tell them exactly where it is. Several services have entered the market, like pocketfinder and Trakdot.

Packing tips. You may have to iron a little when you arrive, but roll each of your clothing items instead of folding. When you tightly roll up a shirt or jeans, it will use up less space than if you folded them. Hate digging your stuff out of the carry-on when you get on the plane? This is especially tough if you have little ones. Fold an empty canvas tote on the outside pocket of your carry-on luggage. Once you are through security, take out the items you need at arm’s length during the flight. Once you’re on board you can just take off and enjoy the flight instead of wrestling with the overhead bin. Plus, the tote can be great to carry around while shopping once you arrive!

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