Toddler Activities Guest Post

Rex Healthcare is a big medical network here in the Triangle and their blog is Rex Connects, which focuses on wellness and healthy living. I was invited to contribute a guest post to Rex Connects that would offer ways to be active with a toddler.

The repeated snows in Raleigh made spring seem so far away. Now that spring is finally here, I decided to write about several low budget springtime activities that are perfect for toddlers and that offer a way to enjoy the outdoors.

toddler activities

Leave traditional paintbrushes behind and find new tools in nature.

I’m including the beginning of the post below, then click the link to read the complete post:

Finding outdoor activities for toddlers in Raleigh can sometimes present a challenge. How can you keep curious little minds occupied in a safe environment while on a budget? As a mom here in the Triangle, I have found many answers to this question. Instead of leaving home, I created a list of affordable and fun things to do with young children right in your own backyard:

  1. Paint With Plants: Use finger paint and “paint” with natural things you find. Instead of brushes, grass is fun to make whisker marks, and leaves make great stamps.

Read the rest of “10 Springtime Outdoor Activities for Toddlers.”

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