Why My Son Stopped Me From Going to Target

Let me first start out by clearly stating this is not a negative post about Target!  I love Target.  In fact, if I had to pick one place to clear the majority of my to do list, it would be Target.  Nor is this a promotional post of any kind; Just a mommy sharing her experience of why my son stopped me from going to Target…literally.

So, why did I stop going?  Well, I happened to find Amazon…at just the right time!

One of my first trips out of the house while pregnant at 28 weeks!

One of my first trips out of the house while pregnant at 28 weeks!

A few years back when I was pregnant with my son (now two years old), I was sick as a dog.  Around the clock, bent over, couldn’t smell, eat, look at food, sick!  Dehydrated, losing weight and completely miserable.  I was a borderline IV candidate and walked the grey line with cranberry juice diluted ice chips for weeks.  It started at week 6 and by week 8, I couldn’t believe what I had gotten myself into.  I was the one cursing all of you ‘glowing’ pregnant women, blatantly envious of nothing more than your ability to walk up and down stairs unassisted, brush your teeth without gagging and merely function!  From week 8-20, I was imprisoned by my own home, unable to even watch TV, in fear a Lucky Charm’s commercial might put me over the edge.  I told my husband, the only thing I wanted or craved was fresh cut grass.  I certainly didn’t want to eat it (even though I’ve heard of crazier things), but the smell was the only thing that even remotely sounded reasonable to me.  Weeks 21-28 improved some, and that is when I found Amazon!

Just another delivery from Amazon

Just another delivery from Amazon

Amazon allowed me to be a wife again, to help stock our home with the essentials without ever leaving.  It allowed me to prepare the nursery and get ready for Mommyhood with all the goodies including, nursing bras, butt paste and diapers.   I no longer had to use the excuse (while valid) of being sick to miss birthday gift giving and free returns allowed me to buy without second guessing my decisions.  In case you were unaware, pregnant women are notorious for emotionally second guessing decisions…about almost everything!!!   Amazon Prime offered me huge inventory, great prices and free shipping. I could basically dream up anything I wanted and have it on my doorstep in 48 hours.   In fact, there were times where I ordered Method cleaning products at 3PM on a Monday and they were delivered by noon on Tuesday!  My husband kept saying, “Amazon is revolutionizing the world.”  To some degree, he was right.

Stocking the Cleaning Cabinet

Stocking the Cleaning Cabinet

So, here’s my thank you to Amazon for getting my orders right about 99.9% of the time and for making sure my orders were delivered as estimated about 98% of the time.  If I were to factor in traffic, this year’s crazy weather and my redundant impulse buys when visiting my local hardware, big box or grocery stores, you definitely have a better running precision record than I do.  And to Target, I miss you old friend.  I miss grazing through the aisles with no intended purchases and spending over $100 every time I landed in the bullseye.  I miss going in with a grocery list and walking out with DVD’s, clothes, beach bags, new sheets and make up every time I set foot in your store.  I appreciate your fair prices, great selection and chipper sales associates.  I do not miss the screaming children, parking lots and tangled shopping carts.  I promise to continue to visit you online and always “Expect More…” 🙂

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