Preparing for a Party

It’s Friday and I am super excited for my son’s two year birthday party tomorrow!  Yes, I will admit what many moms won’t; It is true, before age four or five, the birthday parties are more fun for the adults and completely parent driven.

pom poms birthday decor

I promised myself I wouldn’t fuss (too much) and I chose a theme that is beyond important to my son, so in my heart , the hydrangea and candle table decorations and linen table clothes are completely justified!

table setting party

Theme: “Do Doos and Mill”

Translation: “Cookies and Milk”

My son wakes up and begs for cookies every day.  Since he was nineteen months old, and sampled one of his Nana’s cookies, there has been no stopping him.  I have also been guilty of bribing him to use the potty (occasionally) with cookies…it’s worked pretty well for us so I don’t think it was all bad…

Sorry, to those of you who think bribing is completely irresponsible and teaches kids that certain activities or things don’t have intrinsic values.  I don’t bribe for good behavior or everyday responsibilities (such as picking up toys or helping with laundry).  And for those of you who think feeding cookies to a nineteen month old is irresponsible, live a little!  I certainly don’t fill his Sippy cup with 100% apple juice or worse, 7 Up!  My son’s typical diet is very clean and only occasionally does he enjoy a sweet treat at the end of his meal.  Cookies are special in our home and Do Doos offer a great incentive for doo doos on the potty in this house 😉

party label for cookies

So for tomorrow, no bribing will be required.  As far as I’m concerned, as long as my little bundle eats his organic chicken, rice and veggies first, he can have as many Do Doos as his little heart and tummy desire.  I personally can’t wait for Nana’s Famous Chocolate Chip cookies!

Also on the menu:

Oreos, Nutter Butters, Ginger Snaps, Nana’s Homemade Oatmeal & Cinnamon Cookie Bars, Homemade Blueberry & Chocolate Chunk, Gluten Free Assortment, 3 dozen cookie-inspired cupcakes, 4 kinds of flavored milk and a 2-tiered cake!  Oh, and if you left your sweet tooth at home, we will also be serving BBQ!

oreos, nutter butters, ginger snaps

Back to label making and decorating. Cheers!

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