Children’s Clothing Swaps and Consignment

dress up

Dressing up with Daddy

As a mommy to an almost two-year-old baby boy, it can oftentimes be overwhelming how quickly they sprout! You can forget about seasonal closet clean-outs, it’s more like monthly overhauls in our house. I’m grateful my son is thriving, but as we approach his second birthday and he enters growth spurt number 19, I feel like clothes are just not the most exciting gift to bestow upon a two-year-old. But we need them, and I clearly would rather spend the birthday budget on trucks, tractors, puzzles, books and primary colored wooden toys…What to do?

childrens clothing

Closets need to grow with your kids

Here are a few ways to help offset some of the costs that come with outfitting your little guys or gals…perhaps a great way to pare down what you already own and make some real cash that may help purchase the next season’s best:

  1. Clothing swap. Choose to hold a clothing swap the best way that suits you. Adults only for some kid-free time and no distractions for sorting clothes? Or invite parents and kids for a clothing swap party. This is a great time for parents to have adult time while offering kids time to socialize. Let older kids run their own fashion show and try on different clothes. (Maybe combine this with an Oscar Night dinner party.) Don’t want to be stuck with the leftover clothes once the party is over? Decide in advance how clothes will be handled—ask parents to take home items that are left behind, or find a local charitable organization to donate the clothes to.
  2. Consignment stores. To find brick-and-mortar consignment shops where you can drop off bags of clothes, use an online search tool like The Thrift Shopper. You can find consignment shops in your area and call around to learn about their consignment agreements. Some stores may only keep clothes for set lengths of time, and other stores have policies about what types of clothing they accept. These are great places to find affordable formal wear for children if you have been invited to some spring weddings.
  3. Online consignment. ThredUp is a site that allows you to both list children’s clothing items for sale and purchase gently-used quality clothes for kids. If you don’t want to leave the house to visit consignment stores in-person, this is an option for you. Besides visits to the post office—or the United State Postal Services picks up for free, too!—you will save time and money.

Of course, you may want to hold on to your children’s clothing—hand-me-downs can get more mileage the second time around if your family grows!


Keep hand-me-down bins in easy to locate places. I keep ours in the laundry room and when filled up, I add to the larger attic bin.

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