Spring Break Destinations

Maybe your spring break vacation was already scheduled before your last spring break ended—or maybe you procrastinate and have not picked a destination yet. Either way, we break down a few travel options for you. If you have a vacation booked already you might find something here to explore on your travels there. If you are trying to decide on a last-minute spring break plan, get ready for some inspiration:

europe spring break travel

Spring Break in Europe

  1. Europe. What type of European vacation do you dream of? Rent a car and spend your time visiting chateaus in the French countryside. The small villages in France offer artisanal cheeses and baguettes, and vintages crafted through generations of winemaking expertise. If you want the metropolitan experience, maybe Milan, Italy is more your style. Milan is the fashion capital of the world. (If you enjoyed our New York Fashion Week re-cap, then Milan will knock your trendy polka-dotted socks off.) Milan’s 2014 Spring Fashion Week ends on February 23rd. According to Time Out, “fashions jump from catwalk to clothes rail in weeks.” Just in time for spring break shopping!

    spring break beaches

    Beach time for Rachel

  2. Caribbean. The Caribbean offers hot sun and sandy beaches at a time when most Americans are battling snow and ice storms. All-inclusive resorts can cater to your needs. Look for hopping nightlife, a family-friendly resort, or a couples retreat. Find last-minute spring break deals to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands.

    rave parties

    Looking for a rave and active nightlife?

  3. Mexico. The typical spring break destination for college students is Cancun. Although Cancun is associated with partying students, the city has a completely different side for adventure-seekers. Tours of the jungle, swimming with dolphins, zip lining, swimming in caves—all this is possible just a short distance from where DJs are spinning music poolside!

    Northern California

    Maybe a quiet wine country vacation?

  4. Domestic: Northern California or Florida. If you are not planning to leave the country for spring break, but still want to get away, think about wine country in Northern California. Over 450 vineyards grow in the soil of Napa Valley, and many offer on-site accommodations. Don’t want to vacation without that tropical feel? Explore Key West, Florida. You will still get the great weather, sandy beaches, and palm trees the Caribbean offers without having to leave the country. Rent a sailboat or take a catamaran tour to explore more beaches.
  5. Staycation. If your travel budget is not as much as you hoped for spring break, try a staycation instead. Create your own “Taste of Europe” and dine at a classy French restaurant and take French lessons. This is wallet-friendly and you will have more skills for your next trip to France. Enjoy snorkeling, but miss out on scuba diving when you travel because you’re not certified? Contact your local dive shop and take SCUBA lessons. Once you’re certified you can plan your next trip around an underwater adventure.

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