Second Southern Snow & Indoor Activities

Wow!  This year is beginning to impress me with the wild card weather.

Ice Glazed Tree in My Backyard

Ice Glazed Tree in My Backyard

I think I can speak for many that live in the south when I say we certainly didn’t expect another measurable event this year.  Especially after the last Southern Snow was so anticipated and Came and Went without lingering.

Snow has been the talk of the town since Tuesday with the first system moving through Raleigh on Wednesday at noon and the second on Thursday at noon.  Six inches of snow to start.  Sleet and freezing rain to pack things down. Kind of a gut punch that disabled most sledding or snow ball efforts.  But, pretty on the trees.  Then a redemption with a couple more inches of the white fluffy stuff over top to allow for some more outdoor play.

Almost White Out Conditions!

Almost White Out Conditions!

Raleigh was basically crippled this time around.  Hundreds of motorists were stranded while trying to commute home on Wednesday.  We made national news a few times this week for our honest, but pathetic clean up efforts.  I know we get a lot of heat from the Northerners and Midwesterners who think we over react.  Perhaps, but we try hard.  I know many doctors  and nurses who spent over 96 hours at the hospital just to serve our citizens and NCDOT crews who have worked back to back shifts to clear the highways.  In fact, I even heard of some grocery clerks spending the night at the store, just to make sure they could open for guests who may have real needs.  I would call that Southern Sacrifice.  If possible, I still agree with the Governor’s advice: Stay home people. And, help your neighbors.

If you begin to feel a case of cabin fever coming on, or are stranded on Valentine’s Day tomorrow, here are few activities that may lighten the mood and please the whole family:

Bake. Simple, fun and easy for everyone to participate. Try a new recipe.  Google ingredient substitutes if you’re short on something.  Who knows, you may discover a new crowd pleaser.  Warm cookies or muffins never tasted better than with a cup of hot chocolate on a snow day!


Blueberry Muffins

Do Movie Day.  Pick a trilogy or rotate between mom and dad picks and kid picks.  Make popcorn, eat peanut butter and jelly.  M&M’s anyone?

Make Valentine’s Day Cards.  Tomorrow is perhaps a ‘Hallmark holiday,” but it is a fun way to reach out to friends, neighbors and relatives and let them know you love them and care.  Use construction paper, glue, glitter, markers, crayons, finger paint, cotton balls.  Get the whole family (and pets) involved.  Paw print cards anyone…so cute!

Easy Valentine's Day Cards.  Put a photo behind the heart with a sweet message.

Easy Valentine’s Day Cards. Put a photo behind the heart with a sweet message and glue to construction or cardstock paper.

Play Dress Up with the kiddos.  Dress up the family dog and take pictures.  Do a skit.  Mom and dad vs. the kids!

Take a Bath.  I honestly cannot remember the last time I took a bath.  Some candles, good music, a glass of wine (or spiced apple cider), and a break from…everything!  Sign me up please.

Build a Fort.  This was one of my favorite activities as a kid!  I loved tacking up sheets, old blankets and using pillows to create my ” indoor cabin.”  Maybe even be so crazy as to move some furniture around and use a whole room.  Or pitch a tent indoors and camp in with flashlights!

Pitch a Tent Indoors!

Pitch a Tent Indoors!

I guess the little girl inside of me has officially received what she asked for this year…and then some.  I appreciate the snow.  Mostly, when it’s falling and fresh.  I suppose I am finally ready for cropped tops and the first signs of spring, but for the next little while, I am going to enjoy being bundled up and cooped up and treasure the family time.  After all, it is a SNOW DAY!

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