Dinner Party Ideas: Oscar Night

oscar dinner party

During the annual Academy Awards ceremony, everyone is usually focused on who the stars are wearing. Reports revolve around which silhouettes and colors are successes, and of course, the disasters. If you are planning a dinner party for Oscar night, you need to be focused on another dress:

How should you dress the table?

For an Oscar-themed dinner party, your table’s decorations will set the tone for the room. I am notorious for tending more to my table than myself! One dinner party I hosted, I was too busy decorating the table that I quickly got dressed a few minutes before guests arrived. Then a guest pointed out I only had mascara on one eye! Whether you plan on having a formal sit-down meal before cozying down on the couch or in your home theater, or you want an impressive display of heavy hors d’oeuvres and crudités for guests to enjoy while watching the awards show, your table’s “dress” needs advanced planning and attention:

hollywood walk of fame

Table settings. One of the must-see attractions in Hollywood is the Walk of Fame. Hundreds of iconic actors are awarded a gold star. Honor guests with a gold star table setting with their name. If you’re not planning a sit-down meal, use stars to display the names of the different items served. Feel creative? Create dish names inspired by the names of Oscar nominees. If you plan to have food displayed near the television – choose low serving ware and avoid large bowls to prevent blocking guests’ views of the screen.

Red carpet. Not only will you probably have a red carpet in your foyer, but think about adding one to your table. Red table runner leftover from holiday decorations? Repurpose it as the “red carpet” running the length of your dinner table.

What to serve. The night is all about awards, right? If you prefer not to make your own meals and snacks for guests, look for award-winning restaurants in your area and have the evening catered. Another option: Invite your guests to bring a dish or dessert and create a silent ballot. At the end of the night, tally up the votes and have a prize or a chocolate Oscar award for ‘best dessert,’ ‘best supporting dessert,’ ‘best original appetizer’ and more! Don’t be afraid to dress up your food too—tuxedo cake (or cupcakes) looks and tastes great.

Of course, don’t forget about the host and hostess’ attire! If your decorations are themed around red carpets, gold Oscars and stars, think about what complements the palette: Royal blues, whites, or classic blacks will pair well with the décor. Check out the gowns throughout Oscar history and make your outfit a homage to a favorite screen icon.

This year marks the 86th Annual Academy Awards.
It will air at 8:30PM EST on Sunday, March 2nd.

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