Anticipating a Southern Snow


Living in central North Carolina, we very rarely get measurable snow of more than an inch.

Depending upon the city of residence, our annual totals are between 5-8″ and typically cause more panic than pretty photo opts.  Schools shut down when a dusting covers the side roads and if there’s any talk of snow accumulating into the single digits, local governments may even close their doors for the day.

Yes, for your northerners, one inch can actually shut down an entire city and it always clears the grocery stores of milk, bread and eggs.

My husband was born in Wisconsin and even though he spent two decades of his younger years in sunny Orlando, Florida, he still finds it comical how utterly chaotic a population of 1/2 million people can become with a little weather.  It kind of reminds me of what rain can do to southern California!   My husband still doesn’t own a pair of gloves or boots, he wears flip flops and shorts most of the year, but this winter has been different.  With temperatures in the single digits more than a handful of times, I knew we were destined for a measurable event! And now it seems it may be happening!  4-6 inches of snow is the latest estimate locally, but if you drive just a bit east it could be upwards of 6-10 inches.  I must say, I am more excited then most school aged children!  “Snow, snow please come and stay…at least for a few nostalgic winter days!”

Here’s how we’re preparing:

My mother-in-law graciously went to the local hardware store to buy them out of the remaining sleds, saucers and snow shovels.  Too bad there weren’t more..we may have opened up a ‘side of the road business’ and made some real dough!



A fitting for our finest mittens and head dressings!

snow mittens

Got the layers ready!  Need to dig in the attic for something acceptable for dad and I!

snow clothes

Community golf course view pre-snow (perhaps an update tomorrow will look differently)!


Milk, Bread and Eggs: Check!

Dinner: Check!

Hot Chocolate: Check!

Movies: Check!

Sleds: Check!

Shovel: Check!

Jackets: Almost Check!

Firewood: Need!

Snow: Waiting…

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