Happy 80th Birthday Oma

Happy 80th Birthday Oma!

Happy 80th Birthday Oma!

Oma is German or Dutch for “Grandmother.”  My Oma has adopted the word as her name for the better part of three decades.  In fact, even distant relatives and friends refer to Roberta as Oma.  I have been told becoming a “Grandma” entitles you to be called all sorts of wonderful things…all to which you’ll answer if the right person is calling your name 🙂

Tomorrow marks another milestone in my Oma’s life…she turns 80!  We celebrated this weekend, the good ole’ fashioned way.  An adult beverage, tons of sweets, good company and great conversation.  Thanks to my stepmom, Sheri for hosting.  Everything was delicious and completely perfect. (More about Sheri’s ridiculous, superhuman “Martha” abilities some other time.)

Sheri's Chocolate Cake

Sheri’s Chocolate Cake

I feel a special connection to Oma, being her ONLY grandchild.  She has served as a second mother for the majority of my life and for her words of wisdom and honest teachings, I am very grateful!  She has instilled proper manners (yet, I don’t always choose to use them), caught my inappropriate grammar, taught portion control, introduced a tasteful sense of style and passion for art.  Oma has taught me to love everything turquoise, great design, contemporary fashion, dark chocolate and an afternoon card game.  Oma may be small in stature, but strong in her words and convictions.  Being married to a retired Naval Commander for over 55 years, Oma has learned to choose her battles wisely, but speak up and be heard.  A perfect balance of grace and strength, I will spend the rest of my life trying to emulate.

Oma & My Father - Their Birthdays Are 4 Days Apart

Oma & My Father – Their Birthdays Are 4 Days Apart

So here’s to you, Oma.  Happy 80th Birthday…May this be one of the best years of your life!  Cheers.

Cheers to You Oma!

Cheers to You Oma!

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