What’s in Your Water Cabinet

I am sure many of you have a version of liquor cabinet or friends who may share theirs.  Some displays are far more impressive than others with elaborate collections of top shelf brands and fancy bottles, others may offer select indulgences for the occasional backyard party, boy’s poker night or girl’s get together .  Even if you rarely partake, I have found it nice (when entertaining) to have something other than wine (or beer) to offer my guests.  Pinterest and other online resources are full of boastful images and creative bar design ideas.  But, let me ask you this…has anyone heard of a water collection?  If you think the bottled water world is wasteful or you cringe at the idea of another pointless piece of plastic entering our precious earth, please don’t be offended when I make my next confession…we, have a water cabinet!

So what exactly is a water cabinet?  Please let me share this phenomenon with you.  My husband is a very gracious host and enjoys entertaining at it’s fullest.  Priorities at the top of his list when inviting guests to our home for dinner or even an afternoon football game include having a variety of choices.  Options make him happy and while it doesn’t always make my life easy, I appreciate the care he invests in our guests.  If you ever join us for dinner, I can assure you will never have one appetizer, one entrée and one side. We typically have an assortment of just about everything from the starters to the desserts and everything in between.  So when we only had one kind of water to offer our guests this summer, he decided to make it his personal mission to locate the Fiji’s of the world and ship them in!  Yes, we contribute greatly to the almost 12 billion dollar United States annual spending on bottled water.

Here is a (small) sampling of our selections.


about 1/4 of our collection today

And for those of you who don’t believe bottled water tastes any differently then tap water, I must argue otherwise.  I am a PWD (primarily water drinker) and I enjoy some brands significantly more than others.  While there are no regulatory guidelines to bottled water in our country, the sources or means are identifiable and some just happen to taste much better than others.  In fact, to all you naysayers, I challenge you in a blind taste test.  The key is to select water from a variety of sources and serve at room temperature.  The results may shock you!

So here’s to drinking more water, however you choose!

One thought on “What’s in Your Water Cabinet

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