Still Decking the Halls

Okay, we have officially crossed over the midpoint in January and I am the pathetic neighbor still rocking my garland, wreaths, mailbox ornaments, Christmas tree and gold deer in the front yard!  In fact, until yesterday, I left my outdoor lights on…I finally decided to turn them off after I thought about our recent community power outage (where my street was the solely lighted street for miles) and how incredibly grossed out my neighbors must have been when trying to cook, get dressed, entertain kids and shower in the dark while my house still screamed, “Come on over for Eggnog and Santa Cookies.” Sorry to have been so thoughtless!
I guess considering we all had a late start this year with the shortened gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I don’t feel like my glitter and sparkles have been up all that long. Perhaps it’s the dread of overworking my gluteus medius muscles and carting ridiculously stuffed storage bins two flights of stairs to the attic or maybe I just can’t let go of the ‘season’ this year considering we still have unopened presents under our tree…topic for another day.

Christmas decorations


So today, I woke up with some new found motivation to take Rudolph, Santa and Baby Jesus down and store them in their respective ‘off season’ homes. I figure I should wrap up tomorrow with a little bit of help from a friend and cooperative toddler; starting the weekend off right. Perhaps I will redeem myself next year…Now, onto reorganizing my attic (because I noticed how unbelievably sad it was while packing up Christmas) and planning a two-year old birthday party. There is always, ALWAYS another task!

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