Christmas Gift Fav: DeLonghi Lattissima Nespresso Plus

If the name alone is not a mouthful, I don’t know what is! An espresso machine has been on my husband’s wish list for awhile and since we didn’t find it fitting to spend thousands on the rare occasion he could actually enjoy an espresso from home, it remained on the wish list for a few years now. You see, I am not a coffee drinker. I have always been the type who wakes up, enjoys a bowl of oatmeal and one of my staple Bolthouse Farms juices. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy coffee quite a bit, but caffeine and I don’t have the best relationship! When I do have a moment to venture off to our local barista, I typically enjoy decaf lattes and skinny mochas. In a perfect world, I would love the ability to brew a ‘milk based’ hot chocolate from home…come in The DeLonghi Lattissima Nespresso Plus.


At just under $400, it offers an (relatively) affordable way to enjoy a variety of beverages from home. And for the Starbucks sipper, who spends over $10 a day getting their fix, it basically pays for itself in a month and a half (including day to day cost)! Here is a link to Williams Sonoma where you may often times snag a 15% off coupon to use or stay updated with their weekly offerings…DeLonghi deals tend to pop up from time to time.

With the milk feature and ability to store the reservoir in the refrigerator, the espresso maker allows for a variety of latte and cappuccino offerings.


My favorite to date, has been my own mini creation:
roughly 1 – 11/2 ounces of homemade Kahlua (second best Christmas gift)
adjusted to a medium froth with approximately 3 ounces of skim milk
2 ounces of the “Decaffeinato” pod brewed to perfection
medium froth again with approximately 1 ounce milk
sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa powder on top and give it a decorative swirl (if you want to impress)

Here it is…


I know I know, I need some clear glasses to display and serve correctly, but considering I’ve only been experimenting for 24 hours, it tastes amazing! At only 65 calories, I may have two today! So, here’s a big Thank You to my mother in law for a stellar Christmas Gift and for everyone who wants to give it a try…Happy sipping:-)

*A quick tip for anyone who has a pod type brewer, I have been motivated to clean up my ‘coffee bar’ and instead of purchasing a pod display, I re-purposed some glass jars for easy pod storage:


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