I Want One…The Ryno

There is always something new and captivating in the world of things that move. I am typically drawn to those that go fast…and faster. But, I must say this one caught me by surprise as one of the most intriguing (and quite useful) “slower” moving machines about to hit the market.

The Ryno (pictured below) is both a design wonder and a mind blunder…leaving most witnesses to do a double take. As their tag quite appropriately states, it is “Half the Bike. Twice the Fun.” It’s intended to be used as a personal transportation device in urban areas. Easy to maneuver (at just 125lbs) and conveniently green (it’s lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack is said to recharge in just an hour and a half), the Ryno may offer a simple (relatively affordable) option for errand running and work transport in some of America’s most busy cities.


According to Rynomotors.com, the Ryno is said to start at $5295.00 and should be available second quarter this year. Oh, and it’s made in the USA…sweet!

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