Gap Flash Sale

I, like most women, love, love, LOVE a good sale.  Growing up in a family of seven (sometimes more…read about it in our About Us tab), we were always on a budget and my mom taught me how to stretch a dollar with style!  To this day, I almost never buy unless I can save 30% or more.  Free Shipping is a must when buying online and savings on top of savings is the best!  Here’s a good flash sale from Gap tonight (be sure to use code GAPCLOCK):
Unfortunately, there are a couple exclusions (duh!), however, with the ability to earn Gap Cash for use at a later date…I still thought this was worth sharing!
And, here are a couple of my picks for Spring (I know it’s still 10 degrees in some parts of the country, but at least we have something to look forward to!):
A sexy way to work out (or pick up groceries) and look cute – I love all GapFit clothes – true to size
Finally, a not “too boyfriend,” somewhat fitted shirt…dress up with a skirt and heels or down with jeans and flops
I have a feeling I may live in these easy wear, fit and flare dresses this Spring…love the nautical stripes!

Happy Shopping!

All clothing represented here are Gap.

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