FSU Win Wakes Me Up!

While so while many of you may awaken to an alarm sporadically beeping, a child (or three) jumping on your bed or a dog barking, my morning began more abruptly with the sound of college kids screaming and rave music blaring…at 3AM!!! I guess we haven’t had a chance to meet the third sister (as of the time of this posting), so please let me fill you in. Rachel is the middle of our five siblings, the youngest sister of our blog trio and a very Active college student at Florida State University! She is beautiful, quite intelligent and extremely kind. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of her peers viewed her as a threat in some way, but she’s so grounded and fun to be around, she’s hard not to like! More measurably now than ever, at this critical time in her life, she is an extremely hard worker. But, she is very much from the school of thought, work hard, play harder! So when I received this photo of her preparing to go out last night, I shouldn’t have been a surprised by the texts and voice mails that followed!


After all, she is attending, FSU, self proclaimed party school of the south and the Seminoles were at the Rose Bowel and walked away as BCS Champions in a heart stopping game!!! Here is a link to the details, if you’re into the play-by-plays:

ESPN’s take

Then while enjoying my flax seed oatmeal with my toddler, ABC’s Good Morning America shared in the excitement too. There was no chance in escaping the FSU enthusiasm today!

I guess it’s all to be expected. After all, not everyone can boast about that college highlight at a dinner party when in your thirties! I guess the decade between Rachel and I is clearly marked by many things, however, I must say, the way “kids” party these days and the money that goes into the promotion is beyond anything I was privy to in the 2000 era! Here are some of the highlights of her night:
10,000+ FSU students and their tag along, “I promise to do….just about anything to get in” friends party until 3AM.

Not a bad view of the field either, projection screens filled the room.

So here’s to you kids waking up with hangovers and the wiser (perhaps future CPA’s) who aren’t, congrats FSU!  After all, it was a damn good game (and season) to celebrate!

From the mouth of Jameis Winston, “…we’re bringing that swag back.”  I must agree, yes you are!  Enjoy it!

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