2014 Begins…Now

It’s quiet today as the bloodline has exited stage left…I always feel I have been left to clean up the aftermath of a severe thunderstorm when my family finally walks out the door to journey home to their Florida mainstays.  Both mentally and physically I typically feel drained upon their exit.  It doesn’t help their visit always occurs post-Christmas and initiates round 2 of the holidays!  I must be honest, this year was more lax than normal and I enjoyed their company the most I have in years.  Those who know me are quick to point out that I am not the most laid back individual and family tends to compound my OCD-like behaviors.  Perhaps, my baby is older this year, we have a larger home, I hid in my closet folding significantly more laundry, strategized to keep my husband out of the kitchen, drank more wine and Kahlua or maybe I’m just getting older and not stressing as much…nah…wishful thinking (the not stressing part).  I will say, I laughed more, enjoyed the repeat stories and only got into it once with my mom…that has to be a record worth noting.  So, here’s to everyone who’s back to the rat race, post-holidays – Happy Monday and Happy 2014!  And considering resolutions are like a**holes and everyone has one, mine is simple this year…I’m just keeping it to myself and doing it! I figured it will be less embarrassing and more gratifying however it turns out!  ~Kaylee

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